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THERMOBILE ProHeat 60 ERP heater

Cabinet Heater with 75L tank, 60KW 205,000BTU, 150mm

*Please state fuel type (diesel or kerosene) at time of ordering*

Thermobile Proheat heaters are perfect for small workshops, garages, showrooms, and retail areas. Their compact design with control panel, thermostat, fuel tank, oil burner and warm air diffuser head all integrated into one unit makes installation easy and cost effective. The built-in tank means that the heater does not require connection to an external fuel tank. Fitted with a low noise centrifugal fan. Automatic operation, with time delay for fan start-up until heater warms up, and over-heat shutdown. The heater can also be used for cold air circulation during the summer months. Thermal efficiency up to 93% is achieved by this heater.

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It is now mandatory for all new warm air heaters used for the comfort of occupants of a heated space to comply with the new ErP (Energy related Products) regulations (EU directive 2009/125/EC - Lot 21 Tier 1) regarding Eco friendly and Energy Efficient operation.

  • ● Manufacturer: Thermobile
  • ● Model: ProHeat 60 ERP
  • ● Nominal heat output: 60 KW (209,000 BTU)
  • ● Max temperature increase: 32 deg C
  • ● Air flow: 4500 m3/hr
  • ● Flue diameter required: 150mm
  • ● Tank Capacity: 75 litres
  • ● Voltage: 230V

heater product code : R096.6092
for recommended flue kit see : R018.3167

R096.6038 garage cabinet heater

cabinet heater internal

cabinet heater dimensions

  • Dimensions:-
  • ● A: 1120mm
  • ● B: 540mm
  • ● C: 1700mm
  • ● D: 1305mm
  • ● DIA: 150mm


THERMOBILE 40.296.000 ERP - Cabinet Heater with 75L tank, 60KW 205,000BTU, 150mm

manufacturers list price £3750 + VAT
£2,790.00 + VAT..... £3,348.00 (GBP)

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ProHeat 60 ERP
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