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Oil Garage Heaters

Industrial cabinet type workshop / warehouse/ garage heaters, with large air circulation capacity to distribute warm air evenly throughout large buildings such as industrial units and retail units. Heat from 32KW ( 109,000 BTU ) up to 380KW ( 1,300,000 BTU ). The heaters on this page all have oil fired burners; options are diesel or kerosene fuel. These heaters are safer to use in a crowded, busy garage or workshop where a portable naked flame heater can pose a fire risk.


Cabinet Workshop / Garage Heater Guide

Kerosene Fuel

Kerosene is also known as Class C2 oil fuel, or 28 sec oil fuel. Flue pipes have to be rated for 250 deg C (T250 rating).

Diesel Fuel

Diesel for heating is also known as Class D oil fuel, Gas Oil, 35 sec oil fuel, or Red Diesel. Flue pipes have to be rated for 400 deg C (T400 rating).

LPG (Propane) and Natural Gas

Two types of gas are available; LPG (Propane) and Natural Gas. Flue pipes have to be rated for 250 deg C (T250 rating).

Heat Exchanger

Cabinet heaters are indirect fired heaters; they have a heat exchanger making the heated air fume free, whilst exhaust gases go up the flue.

Electricity Supply

Smaller models can be operated using a 230V power supply, but for fans with large air flow, three-phase (400V) electricity is required.

Heater Controls

Cabinet garage heaters can automatically control the temperature and heater OFF/ON periods at different times of day, for different days of the week. Also night-time frost protection.