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Oil Fired Cabinet Heaters with tank

Industrial cabinet type workshop heaters, with large air circulation capacity to distribute heat evenly throughout warehouses, workshops, garages, industrial units and retail units. Sizes from 32KW ( 109,000 BTU ) up to 380KW ( 1,300,000 BTU ). The heaters on this page all have oil fired burners; options are diesel or kerosene fuel.


Cabinet Workshop Heater Guide

Kerosene Fuel

Kerosene is also known as Class C2 oil fuel, or 28 sec oil fuel. Flue pipes have to be rated for 250 deg C (T250 rating).

Diesel Fuel

Diesel for heating is also known as Class D oil fuel, Gas Oil, 35 sec oil fuel, or Red Diesel. Flue pipes have to be rated for 400 deg C (T400 rating).

LPG (Propane) and Natural Gas

Two types of gas are available; LPG (Propane) and Natural Gas. Flue pipes have to be rated for 250 deg C (T250 rating).

Heat Exchanger

Cabinet heaters are indirect fired heaters; they have a heat exchanger making the heated air fume free, whilst exhaust gases go up the flue.

Electricity Supply

Smaller models can be operated using a 230V power supply, but for fans with large air flow, three-phase (400V) electricity is required.

Heater Controls

Cabinet heaters can automatically control the temperature and heater OFF/ON periods at different times of day, for different days of the week. Also night-time frost protection.