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Waste Oil Heating Information


Waste hydraulic, engine, gearbox, etc oils are considered to be hazardous waste, and burning of these in heaters is regulated.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland :- waste oil cannot be used in waste oil burners unless monitored at a cost of approx. £10 000 per year.

In England & Wales :- regulations changed with effect from 6th April 2016. Waste Oil Burners / Heaters (SWOBs) using waste oils as a fuel are now within the scope of Chapter IV of the Industrial Emissions Directive. To burn waste oils as a fuel the relevant permit under Schedule 13A of the Environmental Planning Guidance is required. Cost of application is £3218 with an annual fee of £1384. Additionally, requirements will be placed on emissions monitoring and operational control procedures.

Processed Fuel Oil (PFO) is considered "end of waste" and burning this does not fall within the above regulations. This can be used throughout the UK.

Thermobile waste oil heaters can also legally operate without permits using the following alternative fuels :- 35 sec Heating Oil, Diesel, Processed Fuel Oil (PFO), and Bio Oils including Rapeseed Oil and Linseed Oil, plus certain refined Vegetable Oils.
No adjustment is necessary on the AT range of Waste Oil Burners (manual ignition range).
Simple adjustments to the compressed air supply and the oil pre-heater thermostat is necessary on the SB range of Waste Oil Heaters (automatic ignition range).


AT Range
(Manual Ignition)
SB Range
(Automatic Ignition)
Manual Ignition. Pre-heat burner dish using diesel lit by burning ball of paper. Manually switch over to full heat after 30 mins operation.Automatic Ignition and pre-heating
Two fixed heat settings (High/Low). Cannot fit thermostat/automatic timer because of manual ignitionSupplied with manual thermostat. Optional digital thermostat/timer available
Waste oil stored in day tank fitted to heater. Top up daily.Fitted with day tank. Optional fuel pump/motor available to transfer oil from outdoor bulk storage tank.
Fuel burns in vaporising dish. Clean residue from dish daily.Atomising burner head with pressurised fuel nozzles/jets.
Models range in size from 112,000 BTU up to 170,000 BTU.Models range in size from 140,000 BTU up to 390,000 BTU.
Heated air flow up to 3000 cubic metres per hourHeated air flow up to 8100 cubic metres per hour
Heat throw 4 - 5 metres
(through meshed side panels)
Heat throw 20 - 30 metres
(through directional outlet nozzles)
Waste oil consumption up to 5.2 litres per hourWaste oil consumption up to 12.8 lires per hour
All models require 230V electric supplyTwo largest models require 400V electric supply
No compressed air requiredRequire small compressed air supply up to 6 cfm depending on heater model, and up to 3 bar pressure
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