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Suitcase & Inverter Generator

For outdoor leisure pursuits like camping, caravans, motor homes, boats, market stalls and exhibitons, there is no better generator than the suitcase inverter type which are lightweight, portable, and quieter than standard generators. Due to their smooth electrical current they are also safer to use with sensitive electrical goods like computers.

Leisure Generator Guide

What is a suitcase generator ?

As opposed to most generators which have open frames with exposed engine and alternator, the suitcase type are small portable generators totally enclosed by a cover (usually plastic). This helps to reduce noise, and keeps everything clean, making them ideal for leisure use.

What is an inverter generator ?

Standard generators have an alternator producing AC (Alternating Current) power. But inverter generators produce DC (Direct Current) power, which is then converted electronically into AC power (inverted from DC to AC). This converted power is smoother, eliminating power spikes which could damage sensitive electrical equipment like computers. Power can also be produced on-demand, meaning that engines can run slower and quieter, and with lower fuel consumption.

How quiet is a silent generator ?

No generator is totally silent. Noise level reduces by about 6 decibels every time you double distance. It can be difficult comparing generator models as different manufacturers try to make their one appear quieter by quoting the sound level (measured in decibels) at a further distance, and also at half or quarter load (which is obviously quieter than full load). 60 decibels is approximately a normal conversational sound level, 70 decibels is a loud television, 75 decibels is a noisy restaurant, and 80 decibels is a doorbell or telephone ringing.