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Thermobile Waste Oil Heater flues and accessories

Various optional accessories are available for your Thermobile Heater. Click on each item to get a detailed description.


Thermobile Waste Oil Heater Accessories Guide


who are based in The Netherlands have been developing and manufacturing space heaters for over 50 years, distinguishing themselves by the reliabilty and durabilty of their top quality products.

Automatic Heater Controls

Automatic Waste Oil Heaters can be fitted with a digital control panel controlling temperature and operating times.

Oil Tanks

All waste oil heater models have a "day tank" of a sufficient size for the heater to operate all day. We do not supply storage tanks; customers should obtain these from their local tank supplier.

Transfer Pump Kits

Waste Oil can be transferred from bulk storage tanks to the heater "day tank" using either electric pump kits or pneumatic pump kits.

Flue Kits

All models require flues extending a minimum height of 6m above ground level. and with unrestricted exits.


It is possible to adapt the automatic heater range to fit short ducting through walls.