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Space Heaters

Industrial heating - from 3KW (10,000 BTU) electric heaters up to a massive 383KW (1,307,000 BTU) heat from a containerised diesel space heater. We have electric, ceramic, and infrared office and workshop heaters. We have industrial heaters using diesel or kerosene fuel, and propane space heaters for workshops and garages, plus automatic versions for greenhouses. For constuction sites we have 110 volt models of most types of heater.



Industrial Heaters Guide

Electric Space Heaters

Space heaters using a 230V 16 Amp electric supply can only produce a maximum 3KW heat output (The maximum recommended size for a domestic 13A socket is 2.8KW). Industrial heaters using 3-phase (400V) electric can produce up to 22KW electric heating. Higher temperature/lower air flow heaters are availalable.

Infrared Halogen Heating

For a more efficient type of electric heating use infrared space heaters such as quartz halogen or ceramic heaters. These behave like sunlight and heat objects and people that rays land on, but don't heat the air mass inbetween like electric fan heaters.

Radiant Diesel Infrared Heaters

For higher temperature infrared heating than available using electric heating, use diesel infrared space heaters. These popular garage heaters use diesel to heat up a large metal plate until it glows orange, radiating heat like the sun.

Heating a Large Space

Most space heaters for larger areas are either propane space heaters which use bottled gas, or diesel space heaters. High heat outputs are possible. For fans with large air flow, three-phase (400V) electricity is required. For fume-free air use indirect space heaters.

Cabinet Industrial Heaters

These permanently installed commercial heaters can have either gas burners (LPG or Natural Gas) or heating oil burners (Red diesel or kerosene). These heaters provide high volumes of fume-free air. Larger fans require three-phase (400V) electricity.

Waste Oil Heaters

Garage heaters using old engine oil as a fuel, these industrial heaters are economical to run. Unlike other space heaters there are hazardous waste regulations which must be complied with. They are permanently installed like cabinet industrial heaters.

Choosing a Space Heater

To choose a space heater you must first know the electricity supply, the purpose of the heater, and the fuel types avaiable.

Electricity Use in Space Heaters :-

Irrespective of the fuel type, the electricity supply is an important factor in choosing a heater.
Electricity is used for
- operating heater controls
- operating fuel pumps
- operating fans to circulate/distribute the heated air

Electricity Supply Types :-

110 Volt supply

(normally used on building sites, this is round, yellow coloured plugs/sockets found on transformers and generators)
- This is only suitable for operating small portable gas and kerosene/diesel heaters.

230 Volt, 13 Amp supply

(this is the domestic 3-pin supply found in houses, offices, private garages)
- Small portable gas and kerosene/diesel heaters.
- Electric fan heaters up to 2.8KW size.
- Infrared heaters up to 2.8KW.
- Small oil or gas cabinet type workshop heaters.

230 Volt, 16 Amp supply

(this is round, blue coloured plugs/sockets found in some workshops and garages, and also found on generators)
- Small portable gas and kerosene/diesel heaters.
- Electric heaters up to 3KW size.
- Infrared heaters up to 3KW.
- Small oil or gas cabinet type workshop heaters.

400 Volt, 16 Amp supply

(this is round, red coloured plugs/sockets found in most industrial buildings)
- Electric fan heaters up to about 11KW maximum.
- Large portable gas and kerosene/diesel heaters with large air flow by axial fan.
- Large oil or gas cabinet type commercial unit heaters with large air flow.

400 Volt, 32 Amp supply

(this is large, round, red coloured plugs/sockets found in some industrial buildings)
- Electric fan heaters up to about 22KW maximum.
- Large portable gas and kerosene/diesel heaters with large air flow by high pressure radial fan (suitable for ducting).
- Large oil or gas cabinet type workshop heaters with large air flow by high pressure radial fan (suitable for ducting).

Purpose of heater :-

- Infrared heating does not heat the air in the building and is only suitable for heating people and objects in the vicinity of the heater. Because it does not heat the air, this makes it suitable for heating outdoors (e.g. smoking shelters), or large buildings used for a short period (e.g. churches during service), or heating people working in the corner of a large warehouse. There is no warm up period required as infrared heat is available instantly. Infrared heaters can be small electric type ( wall mounted or portable ), or diesel/kerosene type for large infrared heat in workshops.

- Electric heaters with variable heat settings including PTC portable ceramic fan heaters are good for distributing warm, clean, dry air in the home or office. Larger ones are suitable for workshops and storerooms.

- Direct fired propane portable gas heaters, and direct fired kerosene/diesel heaters should only be used in well ventilated workshops and garages (although clean burning, the heated air does contain exhaust gases).

- Indirect fired kerosene/diesel heaters (they are the ones with small chimney) separate the exhaust gases from the heated air. This provides a clean, warm air supply, and can be used in unventilated buildings (providing that either a chimney is connected to take exhaust fumes outside, OR, the heater is sited outdoors, and ducting carries the warm air in). This type of heater is often used to heat marquees or exhibition tents.

- Cabinet type heaters are permanently installed in buildings, connected to a chimney. They have large powerful fans which distribute large volumes of air. These are suitable for large industrial units, retail units, garages, showrooms etc. Smaller versions are also available for shops, offices etc.

Heater fuel types :-

- Kerosene or diesel can be stored in tanks for cabinet heaters (see local building regulations). For portable heaters, fuel can be carried in jerry cans, making this fuel type very convenient for farmers, plant hire operators etc who already have this type of fuel on their premises for other purposes.
- Propane gas is available from gas suppliers and many filling stations/garages. These are the red coloured gas bottles which are available in 6kg, 13kg, 19kg and 47kg sizes. You normally have to pay an extra deposit for the first bottle, then only pay for the gas each time you exchange for a new refilled gas bottle.
- Bulk Propane (LPG) tanks can be used with permanently installed cabinet heaters, as can mains gas supply (Natural Gas).

Typical uses for industrial heaters :-

Keep a room or workshop warm and dry, or spot heat a small corner of a larger workshop. To produce heat for an industrial process e.g. curing of plastics. Frost protection in greenhouses by using a heater operated by a thermostat Frost protection in vegetable, bulb or potato stores. To provide warmth to young animals or poultry. By plasterers and decorators to speed up drying time during decorating. Spot heat to thaw out frozen pipes in buildings. During winter months, provide heat during construction of new buildings. Heat exhibition or sports halls, or marquees for weddings and parties. To dry out buildings after flood damage.

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