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Ceramic and Halogen Infrared Heaters

Electric infra-red heaters and ceramic heaters are ideal for localised heating in shops, warehouses, workshops etc. Infra-red heaters are very efficient as they only heat solid objects and people, rather than the air within the building, and they also provide instant heat at the flick of a switch.

Infrared & Ceramic Heaters Guide

What is Infra-red Heating?

To understand infrared heating, think about the sun temporarily going behind a cloud, then re-appearing again. You can feel the heat from the sun, but when hidden by the cloud the heat disappears also. But when the sun pops out from behind the cloud, you feel the warmth again. This is because the sun is not heating up all space between it and earth, and it is not heating up the air around you. It is heating by infrared waves and only heats objects (and people) that the waves reach. Typical examples of infrared heating that you may have come across are pub outdoor smoking shelters, or inside churches.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters produce Long Wave Infrared waves which results in a gentle heat. These heaters produce no light.

Quartz and Halogen Heaters

Infrared heaters with glass heating elements have various names, but are generally the same thing. Quartz glass is used in the manufacture of the heating element as it has a higher melting point than standard glass. Halogen gas is added inside the heating element to extend its lifespan. These infrared heaters produce Medium Wave waves which produce a higher heat at shorter range. They also emit a bright light.

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