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Tools and Machinery

We have a huge selection of tools and machinery for professional use, suitable for a wide range of industries. Included are many specialised versions, for example 110 Volt models. Also see our hand tools, chosen to provide good quality combined with good value. To complete our product range we have consumable items for welding, drilling and cutting.


Some Products

Waste Oil Heaters

Used in commercial garages to provide cheap heating by burning waste oil from engines and gearboxes.

Tandem Pump Air Compressors

Used in premises which only have 230 Volt power supply, thus restricting maximum size of electric motor. Two electric motors driving two compressor pumps doubles the air capacity available.

110 Volt Welders

Used on construction sites which only allow 110 Volts maximum for safety reasons.

Automatic Ignition Propane Heaters

Unlike the majority of propane heaters, these can be switched off and on remotely by a thermostat or timer. Used to keep a constant temperature for greenhouses, poultry or livestock.

PTO Generators

For emergency use on farms, these generators are hitched onto and driven by agricultural tractors.

Hydraulic Driven Water Pumps

These can be added to existing equipment which have a hydraulic system. For example, quarry crushing plant, lorries, constuction vehicles, farm equipment, and used for a variety of purposes.