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Basic Flue Kit for AT306, AT307, AT400 Waste Oil Heaters

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This budget priced flue kit is the minimum required for efficient operation of your heater, i.e. 6 metres above ground level and 1 metre above the roof apex

Flue Diameter : 150mm

  • ● Kit fits the following:-
  • ● R096.6000 - AT306 heater
  • ● R096.6001 - AT306 Thermo heater
  • ● R096.6002 - AT307 heater
  • ● R096.6003 - AT400 heater

NOTE: We recommend that you upgrade to the complete kit, which includes more components.

flue kit product code : R018.3000

R018-3000 heater flue kit

Basic Flue Kit for AT306, AT307 & AT400

£208.00 + VAT..... £249.60 (GBP)
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