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51KW Diesel / Paraffin Space Heater, 175,000BTU

SIP Fireball 175XD Heater

For heating workshops, garages, farm buildings etc, the economically priced SIP Fireball XD heater range is packed with features. A built-in thermostat controls the heater, and a digital thermometer displays the temperature. The fuel tank on this diesel / paraffin space heater is fitted with an easy to read fuel gauge. With a tank capacity of 50 litres, the heater can run for about 16 hours.

  • ● Manufacturer: SIP
  • ● Model: Fireball 175XD
  • ● Diesel / kerosene / paraffin space heater
  • ● Requires 230V power supply
  • ● Heat Output: 175,000 BTU (51KW)
  • ● Fitted with wheels

heater product code : R096.3128

R096-3128 diesel / paraffin space heater

SIP Fireball 175XD

51KW Diesel Space Heater, 175,000 BTU

£355.00 + VAT..... £426.00 (GBP)
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