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Diesel Space Heater Auto Ignition 93KW

Thermobile TA80 Heater 320,000BTU

A sturdy diesel space heater suitable for heating large workshops, warehouses, garages etc. The large capacity tank with capacity for 16 hours run time means that this can operate overnight if required. Temperature can be regulated if fitted with an optional remote thermostat. It is fitted with a high pressure fuel pump with 1-way pipe system. An optional conversion kit to 2-way pipe system can be purchased for connection to a bulk tank (max. height 3m and max. length 50m depending on diameter of pipe).

  • ● Room ventilation is required when operating a direct fired heater.
  • ● Agriculture use - Heating of sheds,and workshops.Drying of agricultural products.
  • ● Horticultural use - Heating of greenhouses and polytunnels.(N.B. Only use paraffin and control CO2 emission)
  • ● Industrial use - Heating of factories and warehouses. Defrosting of pipework.
  • ● Motor trade use - General garage workshop heating.
  • ● Manufacturer: Thermobile
  • ● Model: TA80
  • ● Heat output: 93kW (320,000 BTU)
  • ● Outlet temperature: approx. 450 degrees C
  • ● Heated air flow: 2150 m3/hour
  • ● Fuel consumption (approx): 9 litres/hour
  • ● Tank capacity: 160 litres
  • ● Power supply required: 230V
  • ● With connection socket for optional remote thermostat
  • ● Phospated steel body parts with powder coating for a durable finish.
  • ● Suitable for use with either diesel, heating oil, paraffin or kerosene.
  • ● Weight: 69kg

heater product code : R096.6195

R096-6195 diesel space heater


Diesel Space Heater, Auto Ign, 93KW 320,000BTU 230V

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