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SIP Fireball 660S

21KW Stainless-Steel Diesel Heater 73,000BTU

A top quality European made diesel space heater ideal for heating factories, warehouses, garages and workshops. Designed to be one of the most reliable heaters on the market, this heater incorporates a pump system manufactured by Danfoss of Denmark, has external fuel fiters for ease of maintenance, and is constructed using stainless steel.

  • ● Manufacturer: SIP
  • ● Model: Fireball P660S
  • ● Paraffin / diesel space heater
  • ● 230V electric supply required
  • ● Heat output - 66,000BTU/hr
  • ● Approx. heating area - 461 cubic metres (16,400cu ft)

heater product code: R096.3111

R096-3111 diesel space heater


SIP 09041 - 21KW Stainless-Steel Diesel Heater 73,000BTU

manufacturers list price £540 + VAT
£346.00 + VAT..... £415.20 (GBP)

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Fireball 660S
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