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Space Heater

Suitable for heating garage premises, industrial workshops, agricultural buildings etc (adequate ventilation required), this Clarke diesel space heater will run up to 13 hours continuously on a full tank. Fuel level can be checked using the tank top fuel gauge. When using the thermostat to control maximum heat, run time will be increased.

  • ● Manufacturer: Clarke
  • ● Model: XR210
  • ● Oil space heater (paraffin or diesel)
  • ● 230V power supply required
  • ● Heat Output: 210,000 BTU (61KW)
  • ● Fuel Tank Capacity: 53 litres
  • ● Fitted with handles and wheels for portability
  • ● Weight: 26kg (empty)

heater product code : R096.3225

clarke xr210 space heater


61KW Paraffin/Diesel Heater 210,000BTU

£433.00 + VAT..... £519.60 (GBP)
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