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Hand Portable Power Washer 7L/min 90bar (Turbo EWE 160bar)

Heavy duty Interpump Power Washer

A very heavy duty hand portable power washer, manufactured by leading industrial pump manufacturer Interpump, using an axial pump. The hose is 7m long, and the heavy duty lance is 2-piece, fitted with a turbo nozzle. Although the pump pressure is 90 bar, this turbo nozzles gives an "equivalent washing effect" of about 160 bar. A chemical bottle fits onto the lance end for the application of detergent. A top quality machine built using top quality components.

Requires mains water supply

  • ● Manufacturer: Interpump
  • ● Model: CL24RK
  • ● Electric portable power washer
  • ● 2-piece heavy duty lance
  • ● Fitted with a turbo nozzle head
  • ● 1.75KW 230V IPX5 motor
  • ● Detergent application bottle
  • ● 7m high pressure hose
  • ● 2.5m power cable
  • ● Max Pump Pressure: 90 bar (1305 psi)
  • ● Turbo Equavalent Washing Effect: 160 bar (2320 psi)
  • ● Flow Rate: 7 Litres/min
  • ● Weight: 12.2kg

Find out more about Interpump - see Interpump website

pressure washer product code : R099.5012

R099.5012 portable power washer


Pressure Washer 7L/min 90bar (Turbo EWE 160bar) Heavy Duty

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