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SIP PH600/140 Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot Pressure Washer 2200W 10L/min 140bar 110øC Axial-Pump 230V (13A)

A professional hot water power washer with a diesel fired boiler which heats to 110°C, making this ideal for cleaning oily surfaces and other stubborn dirt. Combine this with a high pressure of 2030psi (140 bar) and a flow rate of 600 litres per hour (10 litres per minute), and the ability to apply detergent at low pressure, makes this a great cleaning machine. This pressure washer can be used anywhere that has a standard 13A domestic power supply which makes it much more versatile to use compared to other competitors machines which need a higher power supply.

NOTE: mains water supply required

  • ● Manufacturer: SIP
  • ● Model: PH600/140
  • ● Hot water pressure washer
  • ● Heats using a diesel fired boiler
  • ● 2200W 2-pole (2800rpm) motor
  • ● Axial plunger pump with brass pump head
  • ● 15 litre fuel tank for boiler diesel
  • ● Heavy duty lance
  • ● 10 metres long rubber hose
  • ● Italian made
  • ● Weight: 95 kg
  • 10 litres/min (600 litres/hour) flow rate
  • 140 Bar (2030 psi) pressure
  • 110°C heat

  2 years warranty  

pressure washer product code : R099.4206

R099.4206 hot water pressure washer

SIP PH600/140

Hot Pressure Washer 2200W 10L/min 140bar 110øC Axial-Pump 230V (13A)

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