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Plasma Cutter, 50mm sever, clean cut to 35mm, 6m torch, 230V (63A)

Probably the most powerful single phase Plasma Cutter available, this robust machine utilises Oxford Welder's hybrid transformer/inverter technology which gives the highest cutting performance for the lowest power input. Built using a copper wound transformer ensures the reliability and lifespan of this plasma cutter compared to many inverter based competitors. The simpler internal construction and ruggedness means that these machines can tolerate dusty, dirty workshops, knocks, drops, damp and even temporarily unstable voltages.

Cutting function - up to 6 times faster than gas cutting. Leaves a cleaner cut, with less heat distortion.

Thermal ARC heating function - for heating rusted nuts, old bearings etc for removal. Better at heating and loosening these items than the traditional propane torch method.

Thermal Gouging function - for gouging away old welds, fasteners, brackets etc.

Metal Marking function - for marking drill points, adding logo or date etc. Fast change from cutting to marking.

Non HF - arc starts using only air, so safe to use on vehicles and near electronics.

For cutting tables, a CNC interface connection kit is available as an upgrade.

Fitted with a quick connect torch, ideal for rapid change-over from CNC to manual cutting.

  • ● Manufacturer: Oxford
  • ● Model: Cutmaker 1000-1 single phase
  • ● Industrial Plasma Cutter
  • ● 50mm max. severance cut in steel
  • ● 35mm clean cut capacity in steel
  • ● 20mm pierce capacity in steel
  • ● 230V (63A) power supply
  • ● 20KVA recommended generator rating
  • ● 73psi air pressure
  • ● 8 cfm air flow
  • ● 100% duty cycle at 70A
  • ● 60% duty cycle at 90A
  • ● Supplied with 3m Earth and 6m Torch
  • ● Dimensions 310 x 530 x 650mm approx.
  •   2 years machine warranty  
  •   5 years main transformer warranty  
  •   Guaranteed spares availability for 20 years minimum  

plasma cutter product code : R098.9067

R098.9067 plasma cutter


Plasma Cutter, 50mm sever, clean cut to 35mm, 6m torch, 230V (63A)

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