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OXFORD Migmaker 270-1

Transformer MIG Welder, 250A@35%, 230V (20A-32A)

This rugged built welder from renowned British manufacturer Oxford, with high reliability, excellent welding performance, and long lifespan is made to last. With a mixture of modern components and good old fashioned quality engineering; a copper wound main transformer, rugged switchgear, over rated rectifier and fan, and a simple, robust PCB. This welder will withstand dusty, or damp dirty workshops much better than modern inverter type welders.

A high duty cycle makes this professional welder suitable for large welding jobs, and is ideal for farmers, engineers, etc looking for a large capacity single phase welder on a 32A supply. This welder is also suitable for automotive work as the current can go as low as 20A, making it possible to weld the thinnest car panels.

  • ● Manufacturer: OXFORD
  • ● Model: Migmaker 270-1
  • ● Manufactured in the UK
  • ● Copper Wound Transformer

  2 years machine warranty  
  5 years main transformer warranty  
  Guaranteed spares availability for 20 years minimum  

R098.6204 transformer mig welder

Supply Voltage230V
Fuse Rating (slow blow)20A for 3/4 power
32A for full power
Min Generator Size5.5KVA for 3/4 power
7.7KVA for full power
Output Current20A - 270A
Voltage Steps16
MIG wire range0.6 - 1.2mm
Approx Size (excluding wheels)350W x 720L x 605H
Approx Weight70kg
Duty Cycle
@ 35%250A
@ 60%190A

Welder is supplied with :-
- Earth Lead
- Gas Hose
- 1.0-1.2mm V-groove wire feed roller

Optional accessories available are :-
- Gas Regulator
- MIG Euro-Torches
- Different Wire Feed Rollers

Optional modifications are available (ask for details) :-
- Reverse Polarity Function (for welding with gasless wire)
- Spot Welding Timer

welder product code : R098.6204
for optional 3 metre MIG torch, see: R014.2214
for optional 4 metre MIG torch, see: R014.2215
for optional 5 metre MIG torch, see: R014.2216

for optional gas regulator, see: R014.2230

for spare wire feed rollers, see: Oxford Wire Feed Rollers

OXFORD Migmaker 270-1

Transformer MIG Welder, 250A@35%, 230V (20A-32A)

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