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SIP Weldmate HG2300MP

Inverter MIG/TIG/ARC Welder, 200A @50%MIG/TIG/ARC, 230V (16A)

This lightweight, portable inverter welder can be used for MIG welding, TIG welding and Arc welding (MMA) which means that you can save money by purchasing only one welding machine. The high quality inverter type welding power source has been constructed with the latest IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bi-Polar Transistor) technology, which results in a very reliable and efficient welder, with infinite power control.

Welding current from this inverter is DC, making it suitable for welding mild steel, stainless steel and copper.

  • ● Manufacturer: SIP
  • ● Model: HG2300MP
  • ● Multi-process MIG/TIG/ARC welder
  • ● Lift-start TIG
  • ● IGBT Inverter for faster response
  • ● Generator friendly
  • ● Gas or Gasless modes
  • ● Solid or flux-cored wire
  • ● 2-roll wire feed mechanism
  • ● 0.7kg - 5kg Spool capacity
  • ● 0.6mm - 1.0mm MIG wire
  • ● Euro torch connection
  • ● Small Dinse sockets
  • ● 230V (16A) supply required
  • ● Weight: 14.5kg
Output Volts15.5V - 24V10.8V - 18V21.2V - 26.8V
Output Current30A - 200A20A - 200A30A - 170A
Duty Cycle200A @ 50%200A @ 50%170A @ 50%
Wire0.6 - 1.0mm
Electrode1.6 - 4.0mm

Note: duty cycles at 20 deg C

This welder has a 2 YEAR WARRANTY period, giving peace of mind.

Welder is supplied with :-
- MIG Torch
- Electrode Holder / Cable (for ARC welding)
- Earth Lead
- Gas Hose

Optional accessories available are :-
- TIG Torch (for TIG welding)
- Gas Regulator for disposable bottles (for MIG/TIG welding)
- Gas Regulator for large gas bottles (for MIG/TIG welding)

welder product code : R098.2265
for optional TIG torch, see: ADD PRODUCT CODE
for optional small gas regulator, see: ADD PRODUCT CODE
for optional large gas regulator, see: ADD PRODUCT CODE






SIP 05773 - MIG/TIG/ARC Welder, 200A@50% MIG/TIG, 170A@50% ARC, 230V (16A)

£494.00 + VAT..... £592.80 (GBP)
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Weldmate HG2300MP
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