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SIP RS4.0-10-200BD Air Compressor

With greater efficiency than piston compressors, over 95% of the air intake is delivered to the tank, meaning lower energy consumption. Additionally, the compressor is powered by an IE3(Premium Efficiency Rating) electric motor which minimises energy consumption costs.

100% duty cycle
This air compressor can be run intensively and continuously for 24 hours without a drop in performance. Ideal for busy garages, workshops and industrial use.

Low Noise
Screw compressors are quieter than piston compressors allowing installation closer to your workspace.

Ease of Maintenance
The Poly-V belt fitted to this compressor has 3 times the service life of standard V-belts. Long service intervals, combined with ease of access to parts for routine maintenance, plus spin-on type filters lowers maintenance costs.

Made in Italy

  • ● Manufacturer: SIP
  • ● Model: RS4.0-10-200BD
  • ● Supply: 400V (20A)
  • ● Motor: 5.5HP (4kW)
  • ● Operated by electro-mechanical ON/OFF pressure switch
  • ● Air Receiver Capacity: 200 litres
  • ● Max. Free Air Delivery (F.A.D.): 17cfm (480 litres/min)
  • ● Max. Pressure: 145psi (10 bar)
  • ● Noise Level: 61dB(A)
  • ● Air Receiver Dimension: diameter 510mm
  • ● Overall Dimensions (mm): 1280H x 510W x 1440L
  • ● Weight: 151kg

  Two years warranty  
  (conditions apply)  

  Service Plans Available  
  Extended Warranty Available 

compressor product code : R097.5521
for Basic Service Plan see : R017.4001
for Plus Service Plan see : R017.4002
for Premium Service Plan see : R017.4003

R097-5521 screw compressor

SIP RS4.0-10-200BD

Screw Compressor, 17 cfm, 10 bar, 200 Litres, 5.5HP, 400V

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