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200KW Diesel Space Heater 682,000BTU Radial HP Fan 400V

This range of industrial heaters are suitable for the construction, exhibition, agricultural, horticultural and general industries. Typical uses are heating and drying of building sites, drying buildings after flooding, heating of large workshops, marquees, exhibition tents, showrooms, sports halls, for drying of agricultural products and heating of horticultural polytunnels.

These heaters include many features. A lower tray is fitted to contain oil spillage whilst servicing. Big wheels for manouverability. A Tigerloop fuel de-aerator is fitted as standard on all models. At start-up the heater fan does not operate until the heater is up to temperature, and the fan switches off at 40 deg. C during cool-down after the heater is switched off. Therefore no cold air is ventilated. A maximum temperature thermostat and overheating protection are included. The IMA 61 and IMA 111 models can pass through 800mm wide doorways. The IMA 111, IMA 150 and IMA 200 heaters are also equipped with forklift slots. Optional recirculation flanges are available to allow recirculation of warm air back into the heater intake, thus heating more efficiently by not constantly heating cold outdoor air.

  • ● Manufacturer: Thermobile
  • ● Model: IMA 200HP Radial
  • ● Heat output: 200kW
  • ● Approx fuel consumption oil: 19.4 litres/hr max
  • ● Heated air flow: 15,000 m3/hr
  • ● Max. back pressure of fan: 500Pa
  • ● Power consumption: 400V 10Amps
  • ● Flue connection: Diameter 200mm
  • ● Heat outlet cone: Diameter 600mm
  • ● Fitted with thermostat connection socket
  • ● High efficiency heat exchanger
  • ● Combustion chamber heat resistant up to 850 deg C
  • ● Powerful heat distribution with large heat throw
  • ● Clean dry air
  • ● Dimensions (LWH): 2710mm x 910mm x 1520mm
  • ● Weight: 425kg

Note: these heaters require fuel supplied from an external fuel tank (we can quote on optional Multitanks)

heater product code : R096.6214

large indirect space heater
large indirect space heater


200KW Diesel Space Heater 682,000BTU Radial HP Fan (3 phase)

£7,043.00 + VAT..... £8,451.60 (GBP)
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