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27 KW Biofuel Heater / Rapeseed / Waste Oil Burner, 102,000 BTU

Thermobile Bioenergy 1 - oil burner with fan

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Save on workshop heating costs in small workshops or warehouses by using linseed oil, rapeseed oil or biofuels. This Bio-Energy Heater has it's origins as a waste oil burner and in this application it is still very successful world wide (but due to regulations no longer economic in Europe). The heater has been re-developed to operate on rapeseed or linseed oil, but can also operate using bio-fuels, PFO (Processed Fuel Oil), or HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil).

  • ● Sealed combustion chamber suitable for use in garages
  • ● Overheat thermostat prevents unit from overheating
  • ● Flame failure protection switches off heater if ignition problems arise
  • ● Burner pan overflow device switches off fuel pump to prevent oil spillage
  • ● Combustion chamber pressure relief valve for safety
  • ● An optional combustion air intake kit can draw air from outside (no dangerous fumes)

Bioenergy 1 Heater

  • ● Manufacturer: Thermobile
  • ● Model: Bioenergy 1
  • ● Manual Ignition Biofuel / Multifuel Oil Heater
  • ● Electricity Supply : 230V
  • ● High and Low heat settings
  • ● Net Heat Output BTU : 60,000 and 80,000 BTU/hr (actual maximum will depend on type of fuel used)
  • ● Heated Air Flow : 1000 cubic metres/hour
  • ● Fuel Consumption : 2 - 3 litres/hr
  • ● Fuel Tank Capacity : 50 litres
  • ● Dimensions : 540 W x 1050 D x 1270 H

Thermobile heaters are backed by 50 years experience in the development and manufacture of space heaters, ensuring a reliable product which will give full customer satisfaction.

BioEnergy 1 Oil Heater diagram

Burning of waste engine oil with these heaters is possible, but is regulated with very high permit costs and fees making it uneconomic. See more information.

heater product code : R096.6101

internal (vertical) combustion air kit : R018.3017
external (horizontal) combustion air kit : R018.3018
complete flue kit : R018.3001
1000mm flue pipe : R018.3051
500mm flue pipe : R018.3052
flue 45 degree bend : R018.3057


27 KW Biofuel Heater / Rapeseed Oil Burner, 102,000 BTU, with fan

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