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VAL EPX Diesel Radiant Heater

VAL 6 EPX - 29/40KW (140,000BTU)

The VAL6 EPX is the top model from the range of high quality Japanese heaters which have proved themselves in the market for over 30 years. The near perfect combustion system produces no smoke or odours when running. These are the most fuel efficient heaters on the market, with radiant heat penetrating evenly onto surfaces just like the suns rays. VAL6 heaters produce infrared heat which is unaffected by air flow, resulting in no heat loss from wind and cold air, making these heaters ideal for spot heating outdoors as well as indoors. The VAL6 EPX has a 20% larger radiation disc than other models, giving more heat over a greater distance. This heater has many safety features; overheat shutdown, tip-over shutdown, over-voltage shutdown, flame out shutdown, and prevention of automatic restart in the event of power being restored after a power outage.

  • ● Manufacturer: VAL
  • ● Model: VAL 6 EPX
  • ● Kerosene/Diesel infrared space heater
  • ● Supplied with connection point for thermostat (optional accessory)
  • ● Tilting infra-red heat screen
  • ● Tank Capacity: 58 litres
  • ● Voltage: 230V
  • ● High Output (KW): 40KW
  • ● High Output (BTU): 140,000
  • ● Fuel Consumption (High): 4 litres/hour
  • ● Running time on tank of fuel (High): 14 hours
  • ● Low Output (KW): 29KW
  • ● Low Output (BTU): 100,000
  • ● Fuel Consumption (Low): 2.9 litres/hour
  • ● Running time on tank of fuel (Low): 19 hours
  • ● Dimensions LxWxH : 1240 x 650 x 970mm
  • ● Weight (empty) : 53 Kg
  • ● Weight (full) : 100 Kg

heater product code : R096.5007

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R096-5007 val epx diesel radiant heater

heat distribution of val6 epx


VAL EPX 29/40KW Infrared Diesel Heater 140,000BTU

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