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2KW Industrial PTC Heater

Ceramic Fan Heater for Domestic Power Supply

An industrial PTC fan heater which is perfect for a number of different industrial uses as it can use two heat settings or just the fan to keep the temperature stable at a set level according to its ambient thermostat. The heater comes with a power cable and 3-pin plug.

  • ● Manufacturer: Sealey
  • ● Model: PEH2001
  • ● Input: 230V 13A
  • ● Output: 6,800 Btu/hr
  • ● Power: 1000/2000 W
  • ● Heated Area: 40m³
  • ● Net Weight: 1.75kg
  • ● Dimensions: 217 (H) x 210 (W) x 160mm (D)

heater product code : R096.4771

2KW PTC electric fan heater


2KW Industrial Heater, PTC ceramic with fan, 230V

£35.00 + VAT..... £42.00 (GBP)
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