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15KW Electric Space Heater

400V Thermobile Fan Heater with Cable and Plug

This high quality Thermobile electric fan heater is suitable for use in small commercial workshops, garages and shops. The heater is housed in a robust steel cabinet and has adjustable heat output, with thermostatic control to achieve the desired room temperature. NOTE: 400V 32A 3-phase power supply required.

  • ● Manufacturer: Thermobile
  • ● Model: ES15
  • ● Electric space heater
  • ● Adjustable heat output up to 15KW
  • ● 32A 400V 3ph supply required
  • Power cable and plug included (many competitors don't supply this, they charge an additional £75)

Thermobile are a well respected supplier and manufacturer of industrial heating equipment

heater product code : R096.0044

R096-0044 electric space heater


15KW Electric Fan Heater with Cable/Plug 400V

manufacturers list price £395 + VAT
OUR PRICE IS ONLY £330.00 + VAT..... £396.00 (GBP)
carriage code 5

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