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Heavy Duty Pillar Drill - 3 phase

Drill Press, MT3, 32mm capacity, 1.1KW 400V

Drill Press, MT3, 32mm capacity, 1.1KW 400V

This heavy duty pillar drill can support work pieces up to 60kg weight on the robust table. With a throat of 254mm, and a maximum distance from spindle to table of 525mm, this drill press is suitable for big jobs. A 2-speed motor plus belt type speed change gives a choice of 12 speeds from 150rpm to 2500rpm. A pumped coolant system keeps the drill bit lubricated. T-slots on the swivel type table holds the 120mm wide / 75mm capacity manual vise in place.

Three phase 400V power supply required.

  • ● Manufacturer: Promac
  • ● Model: 930ELB
  • ● Max. Drill Capacity: 32mm
  • ● Spindle Speeds: 150 to 25000 rpm
  • ● Spindle Taper: 3MT / MT3
  • ● Spindle Travel: 125mm
  • ● Spindle Nose to Table: 525mm
  • ● Spindle Nose to Base: 1060mm
  • ● Throat Depth: 254mm
  • ● Table Dimensions: 350mm x 350mm
  • ● Chuck Size: 3mm to 16mm
  • ● Main Motor Size: 1100W (2 speed)
  • ● Coolant Motor Size: 50W
  • ● Electric Supply: 400V 3-phase
  • ● Dimensions (WDH): 600mm x 800mm x 1755mm
  • ● Weight: 200kg

  Two years warranty  

drill product code : R095.3534

r095-3534 heavy duty pillar drill press

Promac 930ELB

Heavy Duty Drill Press, MT3, 32mm drill, 1.1KW 400V

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