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THERMOBILE FKPH 100 flue kit

200mm Flue Kit for ProHeat 100 cabinet heaters

This complete flue kit provides a minimum of about 5 metres above ground level (check height of flue tee-piece on heater and add 4 metres). The top of the flue should be 1 metre above the roof apex. Additional metre long flue pipes are available to purchase separately to achieve this. The kit also includes a high temperature rubber seal plus sealant and screws to make the roof penetration water-tight. Two wall bands are also provided to support the flue.

Flue Diameter : 200 mm

  • ● Kit fits the following:-
  • ● R096.6093 - ProHeat 100 ERP heater without tank
  • ● R096.6094 - ProHeat 100 ERP heater with tank

flue kit product code : R018.3168

for 1000mm flue pipe see : R018.3063
for 500mm flue pipe see : R018.3064
for flue 45 degree bend see : R018.3068


R018-3168 heating flue kit


Flue Kit for ProHeat 100 heater - 200mm

£394.00 + VAT..... £472.80 (GBP)
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