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Trigger and Split Lance with Hi-Lo Nozzle, 1/4BSP(M), size 045

This split lance allows the addition of various accessories, whilst keeping the existing trigger. It is supplied Hi-Lo pressure head for application of detergent, and jet angle can be varied by turning the head.

It is important that the correct nozzle size is used. This has to be matched with the pump flow and operating pressure.

  • D.P. 200-1002-145
  • ● Two-piece pressure washer wand
  • ● Size 045 jet (1.45mm)
  • ● 1/4" BSP male thread for connection to hose
  • ● Max Pressure: 150 bar (2175 psi)
  • ● Max Flow: 21 litres/min
  • ● Max Temperature: 160 degrees C

hose product code : R012.4294

split jet wash wand


Trigger 1/4BSP(M) and Split Lance with Hi-Lo size 045 Nozzle

£28.00 + VAT..... £33.60 (GBP)
carriage code 5

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