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Telescopic Pressure Washer Pole

Telescopic Lance, 2 metres to 5.4 metres, 275 bar

Safely pressure wash at height with this extendable cleaning pole / telescopic lance. Length from 2m closed to 5.4m extended. This is ideal for washing large vehicles. If washing buildings, this pole can save time and money on scaffolding, and is much safer than using ladders. The end section is fitted with a M22 coupling, meaning it can be removed and replaced with other lance ends, brushes, or gutter cleaning attachment.

It is important that the correct nozzle size is used. This has to be matched with the pump flow and operating pressure.

  • ● D.P. 85.205.018
  • ● Extending pole / telescopic lance
  • ● Aluminium and fibreglass construction
  • ● Lightweight, only 3.8kg
  • ● Length extends from 2m to 5.4m
  • ● Maximum Pressure: 275 bar
  • ● Maximum Flow: 30 litres per minute
  • ● Maximum Temperature: 90 degrees C
  • ● High pressure gun with a M22 male inlet
  • ● Alternative AR1 quick connect fittings included
  • ● NOTE: jet/nozzle is not included

extending lance product code : R012.4032

telescopic pressure washer pole

D.P. 85.205.018

Telescopic Lance, 2 metres to 5.4 metres, 275 bar

£171.00 + VAT..... £205.20 (GBP)
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