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Non-Priming Petrol Pressure Washers

(petrol pressure washers that require mains water supply)

Petrol pressure washers can be extremely powerful and are great for cleaning cars, boats, decking, vehicles and machinery. A wide spray jet plus detergent is perfect for cleaning cars. Flat surface cleaners are ideal for cleaning patios and driveways. For professional cleaning we recommend the Whirlaway ones. A turbo nozzle is a special type of high performance power jet, ideal for quickly and effortlessly pressure washing stone and concrete areas in the garden. When choosing a jet wash be aware that one with the highest water pressure (bar or psi output) might not be the most powerful. Water flow rate (litres per minute) is also important. Multiply both figures when comparing (power = pressure x flow). High pressure pumps can be either axial or triplex plunger type. Triplex pumps tend to be more suitable for commercial cleaning, and if a gearbox is included to reduce pump speed, lifespan can be increased. We have a variety of petrol engines. Note that Honda engines can be GP range (lower price with less warranty) or GX range (high quality with commercial use warranty). A trigger gun, lance, nozzle and long hose are included as standard. Other pressure washer accessories eg.brushes, turbo lances or hose reels (fit some models only) can be added.

All the machines on this page require a mains water supply. If you want to buy petrol pressure washers that can suck water, view them at petrol power washers or diesel pressure washers

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