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3KW Electric Space Heater

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High quality electric space heater with low air flow / high temperature. Robustly constructed heater suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Especially suitable for use in closed rooms requiring odour free, clean dry heat with no open flame.

  • Manufacturer: Thermobile
  • Model: CH3
  • Electric space heater
  • Robust construction
  • Heat Output: 3kW
  • Maximum heated air flow: 250 m3/hr
  • Adjustment Range: 0-3kW
  • Fixed outlet temperature approx. 40-100 deg C
  • Temperature increase between inlet air/outlet air: 60 deg C
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Current: 13Amp
  • Dimensions (LWH) :380 x 280 x 390mm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Outlet cone: 160mm dia
  • Optional ducting hose available

heater product code : R096.0059
optional ducting hose product code : ADD PRODOCT CODE

R096.0059 electric heater
R096.0059 heater with duct
heater shown with optional duct

3KW CH3 Electric Space Heater 10,000BTU 230V

£272.00 + VAT..... £326.40 (GBP)
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