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Vertical Combustion Air Inlet Kit for AT400 and AT500 Heaters

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By fitting the optional Combustion Air Inlet Kit (Vertical version) inside the building, the risk of dangerous fumes from inside the building entering the heater is reduced. This is much safer in a garage environment where fumes may be present, especially near floor level. With this kit the heater will draw combustion air from 2 metres above floor level.

  • ● Compatible with the following heaters:-
  • ● R096.6003 - AT400 heater
  • ● R096.6004 - AT500 heater

combustion air kit product code : R018.3015

R018-3015 combustion air kit

Combustion Air Inlet Kit, Vertical, for AT400 & AT500
fits heaters R096.6003/6004

£139.00 + VAT..... £166.80 (GBP)
carriage code 6



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