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3KW Infrared Halogen Heater - Swivel Head, 110V

These heaters provide almost instant heat by radiating infra-red rays from quartz halogen bulbs, heating just like rays from the sun. They provide a very efficient method of heating as they only heat objects and people, without having to heat the air. Infrared heaters are also clean and silent during operation, unlike other forms of space heating.

This heater is a 110 Volt version suitable for use in the construction industry.

  • ● Manufacturer: Clarke
  • ● Model: Devil 371SP (110V)
  • ● Halogen infra-red heater
  • ● Swivel head model, on wheeled frame
  • ● Max. Output KW : 3KW
  • ● Max. Output BTU : 10,000 BTU
  • ● Two heat levels : 1.5KW / 3KW
  • ● Voltage : 110V

heater product code : R096.2011

R096.2011 halogen infrared heater


CLARKE 6926015 - 110 Volt, 3KW Halogen Heater 10,000BTU Low Level Swivel

£139.00 + VAT..... £166.80 (GBP)
carriage code 5

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