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Thermobile Booster 2

Hot Air Booster for Diameter 200mm Flues

Increase the efficiency of your heater by adding this hot air booster which recovers some of the heat which would otherwise escape up the flue. An electric fan blows air through the stainless steel booster which fits around the hot flue, providing hot air.

Fits Flue Diameter : 200mm

  • ● Compatible with the following flue kits:-
  • ● R018.3002 - Complete kit for AT500 heater

booster product code : R018.3020

R018-3020 hot air booster


Thermobile - Hot Air Booster for AT500 Thermobile Waste Oil Burner

£285.00 + VAT..... £342.00 (GBP)
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Booster 2
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