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93KW Diesel Space Heater 320,000 BTU 110V

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  • Phospated steel body parts with powder coating for a durable finish.
  • High pressure pump with 1-way pipe system. A conversion kit to 2-way pipe system is available for connection to a bulk tank (max. height 3m and max. length 50m depending on diameter of pipe).
  • Room ventilation is required when operating a direct fired heater.
  • Agriculture use - Heating of sheds,and workshops.Drying of agricultural products.
  • Horticultural use - Heating of greenhouses and polytunnels.(N.B. Only use paraffin and control CO2 emission)
  • Industrial use - Heating of factories and warehouses. Defrosting of pipework.
  • Motor trade use - General garage workshop heating.
  • Manufacturer: Thermobile
  • Model: T80 (110V)
  • Heat output: 93kW (320,000 BTU)
  • Fuel consumption (approx): 9 litres/hour
  • Heated air flow: 2150 m3/hour
  • Tank capacity: 160 litres
  • Power supply required: 110V
  • This heater has no thermostat connection

heater product code : R096.6186

R096-6186 diesel space heater

93KW Diesel Space Heater 320,000 BTU 110V

£1,037.00 + VAT..... £1,244.40 (GBP)
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T80 110V
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