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Devil 860SS Stainless Steel Gas Heater

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This Stainless Steel version of propane gas heater is ideal for heating workshops and garages. The heater is dual voltage, and can be easily switched to 110 Volt operation for use on building sites. Heat output on this heater is adjustable. Note: adequate ventilation is required when using all gas space heaters.

  • ● Manufacturer: Clarke
  • ● Model: Devil 860SS
  • ● Propane gas space heater
  • ● Supplied complete with gas regulator and hose
  • ● Corrosion resistant stainless steel casing
  • ● Safety cut out in the event of overheat, flame or power failure
  • ● Dual Voltage : 110V / 230V
  • ● Ignition : Push button piezo-electric
  • ● Max Heat Output (KW) : 38KW
  • ● Max Heat Output (BTU) : 107,000 BTU

heater product code : R096.1018

R096-1018 propane gas space heater

12-31KW SS Propane Gas Heater 107,000BTU 110/230V

£152.00 + VAT..... £182.40 (GBP)
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