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Digital Thermostat/Timer for SB Heaters

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This digital controller can be fitted to the SB range of heaters to provide automatic control of the heater.

  • 7 day temperature control
  • Each day can have different settings (eg. for weekends)
  • Two timed periods each day (eg.early morning and mid afternoon)
  • LCD display gives time, settings, temperature etc.
  • Supplied with cable and plug to fit directly into the heater
  • Compatible with the following heaters:-
  • R096.6005 - SB40 heater
  • R096.6006 - SB60 heater
  • R096.6007 - SB80 heater
  • R096.6008 - SB110 heater

thermostat/timer product code : R018.3105

R018-3105 digital thermostat/timer

Digital Thermostat/Timer for SB range heaters

£175.00 + VAT..... £210.00 (GBP)
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